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def __init__ (self, config_obj=None, log_conf=None, close_log=False, serializer=QuerySet, **kwargs)
def init_fields (self)
def to_json (self, bf=False)
def to_dict (self)
dict getFields (self)
def add_field (self, key, default_value=None)
def remove_field (self, key)
def orm (self)
def format (self, key, name)
def get_tb_name (self)
def get_database (self)
def __new__ (cls, *args, **kwargs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from
def __init__ (self, config_obj=None, instance=None, log_conf=None, close_log=False, serializer=QuerySet, **kwargs)
def conversion (self)
def first (self)
def last (self)
QuerySet find_all (self, **kwargs)
QuerySet find_field (self, *args, **kwargs)
def find_one (self, sql, **kwargs)
QuerySet find_many (self, sql, **kwargs)
QuerySet find_sql (self, sql, **kwargs)
def update (self, key=None)
def remove (self, key=None)
def save (self, *args, **kwargs)
def create (self, pojo, **kwargs)
def copy (self, **kwargs)
def execute_sql (self, sql, params=None, mode=EX_MODEL.SELECT, **kwargs)
def foreign_key (self, cls, key_name, field_name=None, data=None, operation=None)
- Public Attributes inherited from
- Public Attributes inherited from

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